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Are you a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist looking for an alternative, effective treatment for chronic pain?

Partner with us to deliver a program to your patients that helps injured workers break the cycle of pain

As a health professional you’re well trained to treat a range of conditions in your area of speciality.  But with 1 in 5 Australians suffering from ongoing pain*, it’s likely you’re treating patients presenting with some form of chronic pain affecting their ability to heal, work and enjoy life.

If you’re treating patients whose pain is preventing their recovery and you’re looking for an alternative, natural treatment with proven results, you’re in the right place. At alleviate Pain, we treat patients suffering from ongoing chronic pain who may present with a range of symptoms including back pain, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, muscle pain and anxiety or depression. alleviate partners with physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to deliver The Pain Mastery Program, a custom program developed to help injured workers whose recovery and return to work is hampered by chronic pain.

Working with us your patients will learn tools and techniques to break the cycle of pain, that compliment your patient treatment plans or programs.  This is delivered to your patients either at your premises or chosen local venue.

Also, Alleviate are approved to treat workers by one of Australia’s leading workers compensation insurers.

* Source: Australian Pain Management Association

I was approached by my physiotherapist to attend Pain Mastery because I was really struggling with the pain. I lost who I was and I feared I would always feel this way. I had tried many alternatives and was skeptical, I’ll be honest I was not prepared for what I experienced.

Pain Mastery helped me by completely changing how I saw, felt and experienced the pain. I was given coping strategies that have changed my life.

The result from this journey was getting my life back, I am back and I never thought it would be possible. Its helped me to be more motivated to do things that will help me such as going to the gym, walking and I’m now back socialising with friends and feel there is light at the end of tunnel and I’m much happier in myself, I have purpose now.

I found the experience incredible, it just 6 weeks I was changed and a new me is here and I am back for good, I know it.

I would recommend Pain Mastery to people who need help getting out of pain, its changed my life and I know it can help anyone who is ready to move on. The best thing I ever did was seek help from Dawn.

Nathan Kilpatrick | Sydney NSW

Introducing the Pain Mastery Program

In this 6 week course, we partner with you to treat your patients using The Neural Alignment Method®, a treatment framework designed for sufferers of chronic pain.

Working with us, your patients will:

  • Attend a program designed to complement their exercise or treatment plan
  • Learn how to ‘beat the overwhelm’ associated with ongoing pain
  • Learn to get their body into repair state
  • Attend a weekly small group training session (minimum of 8 enrolled) at your practice or chosen venue
  • Get support from other chronic pain sufferers in a small group setting
  • Be provided with practical tools and techniques to master their pain including course notes and materials
  • Receive 10 months of weekly access to coaching calls along with access to an online self-paced program.

We work with a range of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists in the Western Sydney and Blue Mountains regions, assisting their patients with this targeted program.

To arrange a discussion on how we can help your patients move forward, get in touch with us.