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Each of our programs incorporate The Neural Alignment Method®, a treatment framework developed specifically to help people in pain, just like you.

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Suppressing Emotions

We often suppress hurt, sadness and anger. Why? These emotions are just as important as that are lighter. Allow them to surface, embrace them and let go. If you run from them they'll hunt you down. If you push them back down, they will rise and surface again, maybe in the form of dis-ease. Your emotions must be honoured. All of them. Embrace them and let the toxicity out of your body. Love every part of who you are.

Posted by Alleviate Pain on Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Headaches what causes them? Headaches are becoming more and more common as the world and our everyday lives get busier and increasingly stressful. Do you often suffer from excruciating headaches when you stay back late at the office or have to put with the noise pollution on your way home? To learn more about "Persistent headaches and how they can be tackled, read our blog; -------------------------------------------- #chronicpain #NeutralAlignmentMethod #dawncady #chronicillness #invisibleillness #fibromyalgia #anxiety #pain #chronicfatigue #chronicpainwarrior #health #ptsd #mentalhealth #chronicillnesswarrior #wellness #blog #balance #healthcoach #healthcoaching #wellbeing #freefrompain #alleviatepain

Posted by Alleviate Pain on Tuesday, 17 December 2019