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Mary-Ann Lagerwey

Mary-Ann Lagerwey

CEO of Alleviate Pain

Holistic Energy Healer

Intuitive Relationships Coach

Meet CEO of Alleviate Pain

Mary-Ann is a holistic energy healer and intuitive relationship coach who helps people to connect with their authentic selves and create more fulfilling lives. She has a deep understanding of the human experience and is able to help her clients to release old patterns and wounds that are no longer serving them. Her work is rooted in the belief that we are all connected, and that by healing ourselves, we can heal the world.

Mary-Ann was born with a natural gift for connecting with people and helping them to heal. She has always been drawn to helping others, and after completing her own journey of self-discovery, she decided to turn her passion into a career.

For Mary-Ann, energy healing is about more than just balancing Chakras or clearing negative emotions; it’s about helping people to connect with their true selves so they can live their best lives.
In her work as an intuitive relationship coach, Mary-Ann helps people to understand their patterns in relationships and how they can create more fulfilling connections. She has a keen ability to see the underlying issues that are causing pain or conflict, and she provides her clients with practical tools and guidance so they can make lasting changes.

Whether she’s working with individuals or couples, Mary-Ann’s ultimate goal is always the same: to help her clients create lives that are joyful, fulfilling, and aligned with their deepest values.

Hi there, I’m Dawn Cady,
The founder of Alleviate Pain and programs creator.

I’m a health research enthusiast
living in the Northern Rivers, NSW Australia.

Welcome to my online home, Alleviate Pain!

I’m an only child who grew up in Yorkshire, England, you know, where those beautifully baked Yorkshire puddings were born.

I was a chronic pain sufferer from as far back as I can remember. I endured many illnesses and diseases and finally ended up with debilitating pain. Due to three separate health complications, I had to teach myself to walk again – three times!

After many let downs, frustrations, and misdiagnoses, I decided that when it came to my health, I needed to take the reins…

Oh, it didn’t happen overnight. I kept relying on others. It wasn’t until I became suicidal that I made it my life’s mission to understand my diseases and illnesses, as well as my mental and physical pain. I learned the key is to take full responsibility for it all.

I wish you a supportive, caring experience on your healing journey.

Dawn Cady - Pain Coach NSW Australia

Dawn Cady

Founder of Alleviate Pain

Creator of The Neural Alignment Method®

Certified Holistic Therapist

Intuitive, Success Guide

I know that it can be a dark and scary journey at times, so to help keep you inspired to stay on the healing journey. I’d like to offer you FREE access to a chapter of my journey “Living Your True Story” this was written to inspire and instill hope that you can heal and at times it may feel impossible but there is hope and I have no doubt that YOU can heal too! 

Showing people how to heal themselves
through life’s most challenging experiences

To heal myself, I sought out the most effective treatments for chronic pain, illness, and disease.

Dawn Cady

You can understand how my own personal health challenges drove me to learn everything I could about treating chronic pain, illness and disease. Through trialling multiple processes and approaches along my healing journey, I was able to develop The Neural Alignment Method®. This cutting-edge system brings together the world’s best healing techniques for chronic illnesses to help you achieve true freedom from pain.

The consuming passion I have to help people who are suffering, partnered with my stubborn streak, means I never give up on my clients and their pursuit of physical and emotional pain relief.

And I absolutely love sharing with the world how to break free from the biggest causes of pain, stress and anxiety. So, keynote speaking is part of that passion.

I hope you enjoy my website, where I share with you proven ways that help you to be free from life’s struggles. I also share a lot of tips on the Alleviate Pain Facebook page. Please feel free to visit and interact with me there.

Dawn Cady’s timeline

  • 2014 – Dawn Cady created The Neural Alignment Method®
  • 2016 – Alleviate Pain was founded
  • 2014 – 2016 – after two years of successful clinical trials, The Neural Alignment Method® was incorporated into Alleviate Pain Programs
  • 2018 – was invited to interview Dr. Phil to LA, USA for a business conference on the topic of chronic pain
  • 2018 – till now – frequent keynote speaker at international business conferences
  • 2019 – interview with Gillian Michael’s Biggest Losser Instructor regarding the impact of stress
  • 2020 – created Immersion a life transformational program that is having profound impacts on clients’ lives

Dawn Cady’s specialisations

  • 2017- 2020 – became Certified Holistic Therapist
    – Acupressure Diploma
    – Subtle Body Anatomy Diploma
    – Emotional Intelligence Diploma
    – Emotional Freedom Technique Specialist
  • 2019 – Graduate Diploma at Process Oriented Psychology
  • 2020 – Discovered her healing possibilities and gifts, since then Dawn is also known as intuitive healer

Why do you need a pain freedom coach,
and why is Alleviate Pain coaches your best choice?

Coaching is about providing expertise and experience to help people navigate unfamiliar territory. This includes chronic pain, which can be frustrating, confusing and downright frightening! How much so? Chronic pain is estimated to affect 1 in 5 Australians, and the number is increasing at an alarming rate.

Dawn wants you to know: “Because I have been there, I know what works and what is a waste of time and money. I can help you through it to the other side by using proven tools and techniques that will alleviate your pain, end your suffering and get you to the life you want to live.”

You have nothing to lose – see what is possible, You can start by experiencing our work here for FREE!

I don’t know where to start, i was blown away by Dawns ability to connect with me on another level, her attention to detail and the way she deeply understood what i was experiencing and the challenges i was facing was just amazing. I am extremely grateful for her time and just after one session i feel i am able to overcome any obstacle, left me wanting more. Highly recommended. Thanks again Dawn

Kacee Jades Smooth Essentials

I had never heard of a pain transformation coach before, but now it seems like the most natural thing in the world to have one guide me through the difficult experience of chronic pain, and hopefully out the other side. What has been wonderful is being listened to by someone who doesn’t doubt your experience, because she has been there herself. Dawn is so encouraging and thinks of things I never would have without her help. I look forward to our next call!

Kristie Kiesel

Dawn has the background (including debilitating pain), the training and education (including psychotherapy and many alternative certifications), the gift of heightened intuition, and most importantly, the passion and caring to want to help those suffering with their pain not just manage, but move and grow beyond it.

Jo Hodgson

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