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We believe that in life there are two paths; the path of destruction and the path of freedom.  The world as we know it is full of traps to programme people into suffering. Here is what each of these paths look like;

The path of destruction is filled with pain in most areas of one’s life. Such as lack of money, abusive and toxic relationships, unfulfilling career, sickness and disease, feeling lost, being a victim to one’s circumstances. In a way, being shoved around by people around you and feeling powerless, ungrounded. Some even suffer spiritual attacks and psychic trauma. 

We believe moms especially, need to steer towards the path of freedom. Because we are raising children who will create their future and shape the world.   Life as we know it for most, is on the trajectory of destruction.  We are here to help humanity, together. 

The path of freedom is filled with power. Not in a needy or egotistical way. But in a way that is balanced and it shows in all areas of one’s life. Money flowing in. Mind, body and soul feels good, healthy and in alignment. Loving relationships and a fulfilling career. Feeling grounded in one’s spiritual beliefs and experiencing peace in the journey. 

How do you know which path you are on? 

If you are experiencing persistent physical pain, such as headaches, stomach pain, neck, shoulder, back and knee pain. These are symptoms of something deeper that is calling you towards the path of freedom.  Your body is screaming at you to get on with the task of cleaning trapped emotions, programming from previous generations and the trauma locked in your DNA. 

This is where our noninvasive healing methods come in. 

At Alleviate Pain, we specialise in getting to the root cause of destruction. We help you sift through the gunk and clean up to the highest level of your being. Our methods are noninvasive. We don’t prescribe pills and won’t offer you anything that will not get you any results.  

We are not another “self-help” guru company dangling the carrot in front of you, and keeping you trapped with mind control and clever marketing with celebrities.  This is real, and you probably will only find a few of us genuinely helping people heal and rise up to their highest power. 

Are You Experiencing Any of These Symptoms?

back pain

Back Pain

neck pain

Neck Pain

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

stomach pain

Stomach Pain



3-Step Method for Pain Relief

It all started when the mom-to-be fell at 5 months pregnant and became disabled. The multi-award-winning method was developed by a former chronic pain sufferer, Dawn Cady, founder of Alleviate Pain and owner of Alleviate Pain clinics in Australia.

Step 1

Identify what caused the pain initially and what is triggering it now. When you can pinpoint what set it off in the present, you can trace it back to when it was created in the past.

Step 2

Remove the root cause of the pain…by doing this, the triggers will naturally start to collapse. This is how we are able to create long-term change and realign the neural pathways to serve you, not destroy you.

Step 3

Get the nervous system under your control. When you have tipped the scales in your favour, your pain is no longer in control, “you” are – of your own mind and body. Together we can make thriving your natural state of being.



We Show You How to Heal Yourself

Non-Invasive Pain Relief Techniques

We help moms across the world with health education, healing support and pain relief techniques. Our programs, webinars and coaching are designed to show you how to heal yourself. All our treatments are non-invasive and require no vaccines,  surgical procedures and or prescription drugs.

Who are these treatments for? If you are tired of suffering from pain with no solution. Whether you have done surgery or are considering it, we urge you to also learn how to heal yourself. We will show you how.

Quick Remedies That Really Work:

we show you how to heal yourself

Why Did We Get Sick? Why Are We Getting Sicker?

In order to know how to heal yourself, you must understand the truth, which is we have been lied to. Western medicine is built on the false premise that we are a broken machine that needs to be fixed. They told us our mind and body are separate and we do not know what is the best for us. From hereon, you will come to know the truth, which is, ONLY you can heal yourself. It may seem bizarre at first, so stick around and let it digest.

Why Our Health Techniques Work

At Alleviate Pain, we use The Neural Alignment Method®, a natural pain relief treatment developed in 2014 by our founder, Dawn Cady, a Holistic Certified Therapist.

The process unites 120 of the world’s best healing techniques, including highly effective tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Process Work, Energy Work, and Explain Pain Methods.

Each of the Alleviate Pain online programs incorporates The Neural Alignment Method®. Choose from a range of programs that really work, and that have been developed to suit you as individual.

Our Programs Guarantee You Pain Relief

Previous Participants Results: 

  • Painkillers Use (down) 72% 72%
  • Alcohol Intake (down) 40% 40%
  • Pain Score (down) 30% 30%
  • Confidence Despite Pain (up) 94% 94%
  • Self-Reported Ability to Perform Tasks (up) 45% 45%
  • Smoking Status (down) 20% 20%

Learn to Heal Yourself: Choose a Program

Masterclasses to Reduce Pain:

Wow, working with Dawn has really sped up the healing process.

Stacey Clews

I never dreamed I would be almost completely pain free six months on.

Vanessa Stacey

The program has done so much for me.

Wendy James

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