How To Create Heaven on Earth In All Areas of Life

Offers a transformative journey towards finding peace and fulfillment


Welcome to “Alleviate Pain,” where we guide you on an inner journey to heal pain and embrace profound joy. Discover the steps to cleanse your mind, upgrade your nervous system, and resolve past & present life energies.

We believe you are either on the path to creating heaven on earth, which is “Freedom” or of destruction, which is “Pain.

The unwanted path of destruction looks like this

Body pains, sickness and disease

Relationship breakdowns, loneliness and self-destructive habits

Business downturn, money issues and living in lack.

Dawn Cady

Dawn Cady, the Founder of Alleviate Pain created The Neural Alignment Method® (NAM), a multi-award-winning process integrating over 120 of the world’s best healing tools; to heal pain from its root. “Pain is pain whether it’s mental, physical or emotional. Each requires the same approach. The old way was all about separation and complexity, while the new is all about connection and simplicity. Pain is from the same root cause, you are not being you. It’s as simple as that. But it is not easy to get back to being you.” _ says Dawn Cady

What is NAM?

The Neural Alignment Method®, also known as NAM is our step-by-step guide, rooted in over 50,000 hours of healing, unveils the path to creating your personal paradise.


Steps to Creating Heaven on Earth


Attain Inner Peace and Control

Embrace the 6 Steps of Healing Framework to bring your psyche into peace and mastery over your mind. Get the Free Download, the eBook for under $3 or purchase our 6 Steps of Healing Programme for a deeper healing.


Upgrade Your Nervous System for Joy

Dive into the GAP (Getting Ahead of Pain) program and explore 6 steps of healing to elevate your nervous system, allowing joy to flow effortlessly.


Resolve All Past & Current Life Karmas

The “Getting Ahead of Pain” (GAP) program helps you clear all past and current life karmas. We help you start on a clean slate for positive manifestations.


Clear Parental Lineages

Delve into the GAP program to clear out influences from parental lineages, liberating yourself from inherited patterns.


End Contracts, Remove Curses

Complete the GAP program to sever unwanted contacts, remove curses, and cleanse your energy field.


Release Entities and Attachments

Utilize the GAP program to release entities and attachments, freeing yourself from energetic burdens.


Heal the Inner Child

Make headway in healing your inner child through the GAP program, nurturing a foundation of self-love and wholeness.


Merge All Archetypes

Unify your multifaceted self by merging all archetypes, creating internal harmony like a well-cut diamond.


Embrace Your True Self

After completing the above steps, you are now ready to embody your true self and create heaven on earth externally.

We Show You How To Create Your Personal Paradise

Ready to embark on this life-changing journey? Our GAP (Getting Ahead of Pain) program lays the groundwork, addressing steps 1 to 5 and touching on 6 to 8.

Once you are cleared of most of the destruction at your core you are welcome to join a community of like minded individuals that have already transformed their lives.

If you decide to choose your path to be of joy, abundance, and a harmonious existence. You are in the right place. We call ourselves the Claimants of Life collective, and we claim a life that is full of richness.



Richness of Life

Focus on health and well-being, personal growth, spirituality, and creative expression.


Richness of Experience

Cultivate love, family, hobbies, and community connections.


 Richness of Wealth

Propel yourself forward in finances, education, and career, unlocking your true potential.


Nourish your well-being, mind, and spirit.


Cultivate fulfilling relationships and community connection


Achieve greatness in finances, education, and career.

Ready to break free from mediocrity and embrace profound joy, happiness, and abundance? Explore our programs, each designed to cater to your unique hunger for growth. Your journey to creating heaven on earth starts now.

Our Programs Guarantee You Pain Relief

Previous Participants Results: 

  • Painkillers Use (down) 72% 72%
  • Alcohol Intake (down) 40% 40%
  • Pain Score (down) 30% 30%
  • Confidence Despite Pain (up) 94% 94%
  • Self-Reported Ability to Perform Tasks (up) 45% 45%
  • Smoking Status (down) 20% 20%

Learn to Heal Yourself: Choose a Program

What the Claimants of Life experience with us

My session with Dawn Cady was exceptional because she is the only one who could pinpoint the reason for the back pain I have had all my life.


“My issue has been victim consciousness and I’ve been working on it for about 50 years off and on.  As my intuition is improving, I heard a voice say, “you are safe now, treatment is underway”.  I was so glad to know that it has been resolved after today’s session with Dawn Cady.”


“I was sick with a chest cold and blurry eyes before this call and both are lessening greatly. I have learned today that what I’ve known is possible is indeed true, I can heal myself and be everything I’ve known is possible instead of thinking I am delusional and nutcase.”


“I find that I am using my voice  more and not allowing things to just roll over me. Which is a position I have been for a long time where everyone else’s needs come first. For the first time, my realization is beyond cognitive and I am doing something about it.”


“I am grateful that I can now allow myself to feel emotions without rejecting myself and  judgment. For today’s session I had set an intention to heal also my lineage because I could feel that there’s a lot to release there that I haven’t been able to tap into.  And to know that today’s session also touches my daughter’s life is incredible.  And I am grateful.


“It’s great to be in a community where most of the things you’ve been saying I have thought about, and to hear you say them out loud, it feels good to know that I am not crazy. I have been having deja vu during this session, it feels familiar.”


“During this session I was able to access my emotions freely. I don’t usually  let anyone see my emotions but in this community it feels safe, supportive and high vibrational.


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