The Neural Alignment Method®


The Neural Alignment Method®
is a framework to show you how to wire your brain for success

Pain. You can almost feel it just reading the word.

When it’s acute (sharp and/or severe, but of short duration), the treatment is based on the fact that our body will take over and do its job. That is, the pain will gradually resolve as the injured tissues heal.

Most used methods and therapies have this approach – they are missing a vital step when it comes to chronic pain, though.


This type of pain lasts for more than three months. It can become progressively worse, happen intermittently, and persist after the underlying cause is treated – for no apparent biological cause. Chronic pain is much deeper than acute, it requires “you” to be in control, as your mind and body are not able to deal with the situation.

This is an important concept to grasp, as it might sound strange to suggest that you are neither your mind nor your body. Think of them as assistants that help you achieve what you want.

For example, when you take on a new job, your mind will help you by learning the skills you need and your body will transport you to where you need to be. They are a superb team. But they are not in control – nor are they designed to be – they need to be directed!

You can see through the above example that it is “you” who chooses, the mind and body then follow. If you do not instruct them, you are not in control.

The mind needs you to be present, or else it will go off on its own and actually create work, leading to stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD.

The fact is that most of us “check out,” with chronic pain sufferers being present only about 5% of the time, meaning “you” are directing and instructing only 5% of each day. With your mind in control, and focused only on the pain, it is actually instructing the body to stay in pain. Ouch.

  • The good news is that it is that simple: what the mind sets out to do, it will achieve.
  • The bad news is that when something is so profoundly simple, we find ways to discredit it, ignore it or over-complicate it.

We tend to believe that when something is true it leads directly to acceptance and action. We forget that simple does not necessarily mean easy. We may not realise that 95% of our mind has been programmed – starting from the day we were born! Some of it is useful, but some, not so much. Either way, it causes us to live our life by default.

NOTE: do not let this lead you down the path of blame, shame, guilt, or feeling like a victim. Remember, this will have your mind focused on that, causing you to experience more of the same. See how that works?!

Okay, so if we accept that it is simple,
why isn’t it simple to put into practice?

Now that you know only about 5% of “you” is aware and present, where is the other 95%? It’s in various stages of hoping it’s true, believing it’s true, thinking it’s too simple/ridiculous/hard/impossible, it’s for everyone but me, it’s unbelievable …

Get it? You name it, you will have every possible excuse come up because each part of your mind has been created to protect you, to keep you alive and safe. Your mind is doing its job, but you can’t stay this way if you want to end your suffering.

So, though it is simple, it can be challenging. As you change and evolve, you will experience growing pains. Think back to a time you learned something new and how you felt you were going nowhere, or perhaps even backward, at first. Then, as you kept going, things just “clicked” and it became easier and easier. This is no different, it just takes time – my promise to you is that every moment spent is worth it.

Why is The Neural Alignment Method® such an effective natural pain relief treatment?
The Neural Alignment Method® shows you exactly how to take control, how to communicate with your mind and body so that you can move beyond the pain to whatever you choose. This system will help make something hard to comprehend understandably.

The process unites 120 of the world’s best healing techniques, including such highly effective tools as the Emotional Freedom Technique, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Process Work, Energy Work, and Explain Pain Methods.

Each of the Alleviate Pain online programs incorporates The Neural Alignment Method®.

The Neural Alignment Method® has successfully passed 2 years of trials. Since being incorporated into online Alleviate Pain Programs, it has helped hundreds of chronic pain sufferers to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, fatigue, addictions, nerve pain, body pain, and even one of the most “mysterious chronic diseases”- fibromyalgia.

3 step method

The multi-award-winning method was developed by former chronic pain sufferer Dawn Cady, founder of Alleviate Pain and owner of Alleviate Pain clinics within Australia. The method follows this proven 3-step procedure:

  • The first step is identifying what caused the pain initially and what is triggering it now. When you can pinpoint what set it off in the present, you can trace it back to when it was created in the past.
  • The second step is removing the root cause of the pain…by doing this, the triggers of the pain will naturally start to collapse. This is how we are able to create long-term change and realign the neural pathways to serve you, not destroy you.
  • The third step is getting the nervous system under your control. When you have tipped the scales in your favour, your pain is no longer in control, “you” are – of your own mind and body. Together we can make thriving your natural state of being.

Let’s get started!

Fibromyalgia cure — Beat this severe chronic pain

Fibromyalgia is an invisible illness that appears to be much more common in women. Sadly, it has been presumed by most doctors to be essentially incurable.

BUT there is a way out of this mysterious illness – and it’s no different than treating any other chronic pain/disease.

How can the Neural Alignment Method® help those suffering from this debilitating condition?

First, knowing the root cause of an ailment helps to understand the why thus taking away the fear. In addition, effective communication with your body is crucial in removing the reason it’s not doing its job, which eventually makes the pain signal no longer necessary.

If you would like to know more, watch my free video training, “Break The Cycle of Pain.” It explains in-depth how you can move beyond this sometimes crippling affliction.

Fibromyalgia awareness

Every year, on the 12th of May, we join the millions of people to raise awareness for fibromyalgia, an invisible and debilitating chronic pain condition. Fibromyalgia is the body’s way of telling you it’s not coping, did anyone tell you this? That’s why Dawn Cady shares for free two e-books “What is Fibromyalgia” and “Reducing Causes of Fibromyalgia”. You’ll learn in detail what is fibromyalgia, why you have it, and what are the causes of it. But the most valuable and important that you’ll learn is a technique to reduce fibromyalgia, which you can start practicing right after reading.


I now have clear actions to take in overcoming my beliefs and realizing my full potential. I am so excited when I think about the wonderful result that I can see is now possible for me! I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking to make a breakthrough in their ‘stuckness.’ She is intuitive, encouraging and has a lovely, gentle nature with just the right amount of spirit to get you moving! Thank you Dawn!

Claire Brown

I am much more stable mentally…there would be days where I wouldn’t get out of bed as I thought what’s the point. I had lost direction & purpose in my life. Reducing my meds was big for me as they made me feel worse in myself and I couldn’t see life improving when drugged up & numbing myself & the pain. I no longer feel worthless, I feel much more positive about & in everything. This program has changed my life.

Steve Hogan

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Dawn as my pain coach. From half a world away, Dawn’s infectious energy instilled in me a belief that I could overcome my chronic pain and live a full and healthy life once again. Her own story of healing from a host of chronic conditions is inspiring and I felt fortunate to be able to receive her hard-earned wisdom. I also appreciated that Dawn took the time to tailor her knowledge and wisdom to my unique condition(s) and circumstances. Thank you Dawn.

Sean Fitzpatrick

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Confidence Despite Pain (up)


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