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Step 1: Watch “Body Ease Technique” Video

I recorded a short 4-minute video about the Body Ease technique. This gives you some background information about this awesome technique and why you should practice it every single day.

Following this video, there’s a Body Ease meditation that I’ve recorded along with a seven-day Body Ease Diary. You will start noticing a difference when you practice this technique on a daily basis.

These freebies can help you move through the anxiety and mood swings that can accompany being in pain. It aims to help you gain clarity and perspective from the jumbled thoughts that can come with chronic pain conditions.

Step 2: Listen to “Body Ease” Meditation

I recorded the below body ease meditation to help you to stay centred, clear and calm. I recommend listening to it and practising this meditation twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. You can even practice this whilst making your morning cup of coffee! It’s literally only three minutes long.

Step 3: Download “10-day Body Ease Diary”

This diary is intended to help you keep a record of how you go with the above body ease meditation. It is downloadable as a PDF document. To download the PDF of the seven-day body ease diary, click here.

My clients report that if they keep up a regular meditation practice, they feel better able to cope with their pain. It’s a great place to get started, and I promise the improvement will be worth the effort