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“I could see in Dawns eyes how much compassion and understanding she has for the wounded. I came to her with deep-seated childhood trauma.

She took me through effective questions to find the root cause. That’s the sign of a quality therapist, being able to gently bring that up in a safe space. She was also adaptable to my needs.

I used most of a box of tissues as I processed old pain. I felt exuberant after and rather than feeling tired, had much more energy.

When you’re ready to deal with patterns that don’t work anymore, give Dawn a call.”

Gavin Patterson

Sydney, NSW, ★★★★★

“I had never heard of a pain transformation coach before, but now it seems like the most natural thing in the world to have one guide me through the difficult experience of chronic pain, and hopefully out the other side. What has been wonderful is being listened to by someone who doesn’t doubt your experience, because she has been there herself. Dawn is so encouraging and thinks of things I never would have without her help. I look forward to our next call!” Kristie Kiesel

Cleveland, USA, ★★★★★

“Thank you Dawn for realizing your genius and having the courage and kindness to package and share all your special unique gifts and abilities into a process and vehicle that produces life changing shifts for all who believe. Thank You. From a very grateful, a very full and loving and appreciative heart, thank you for those moments in time, they are cherished memories.” Catherine Kavadas

Sydney, NSW, ★★★★★

“My experience with Dawn Cady was very inspiring. For the first time in my life I found myself in the strong position of moving towards the hope for life. Thank you.” Anna Welsh

Sydney, NSW, ★★★★

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Dawn as my pain coach. From a half a world away, Dawn’s infectious energy instilled in me a belief that I could overcome my chronic pain and live a full and healthy life once again. Her own story of healing from a host of chronic conditions is inspiring and I felt fortunate to be able to receive her hard earned wisdom. I also appreciated that Dawn took time to tailor her knowledge and wisdom to my unique condition(s) and circumstances. Thank you Dawn.” Sean Fitzpatrick

Dover, USA, ★★★★

“I now have clear actions to take in overcoming my beliefs and realizing my full potential. I am so excited, when I think about the wonderful result that I can see is now possible for me! I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking to make a breakthrough in their ‘stuckness’. She is intuitive, encouraging and has a lovely, gentle nature with just the right amount of spirit to get you moving! Thank you Dawn!” Claire Brown

Adelaide, SA, ★★★★★

“I feel like I finally have direction and a plan of action. You have no idea how much this means to me and I feel quite teary and happy thinking about it. Your support and beautiful, kind, loving (and firm) approach is awesome. I feel very blessed to have you as my coach. Sending much love, gratitude and thanks.” Melanie Earl

Melbourne, VIC, ★★★★★

“Pain is personal. There is little description but a lot of feeling. You need someone to help you get to your powerplace. Pain Transformation is a slice of gold and is there to guide you through it.” Paul Rogers

Sydney, NSW, ★★★★

“My session with Dawn was nothing short of amazing! I went into the session uncertain as to how much I would get out of it. I was looking for clarity. She also allowed me to see my limiting beliefs (which I had no idea that I had!).” Michelle Jones

Melbourne, VIC, ★★★★

“Before speaking with Dawn I thought I was already working myself hard to get back to optimal health mentally and physically.

Wow, working with Dawn has really sped up the recovery process. Through Dawn’s sessions and with her focused questions and attention she has helped me become aware of some daily actions that were actually stalling the recovery process.

I’m grateful to have such a compassionate and caring person such as Dawn guiding me along and showing me things I can’t see myself. Priceless!”

Stacey Clews

Boston, USA, ★★★★★

“By the time I’ve finished talking to my coach Dawn I feel like I can do anything. – I KNOW I can do anything. She opens my eyes time and time again to see the Truth. And the Truth is that there are no boundaries except for the ones we make for ourselves to protect ourselves from a failure that is again, all an illusion created by ourselves. She shows me my true potential, she reveals to me my dreams and shows me how I can attain them just by changing the way I think and look at things. Dawn never fails in helping me succeed the most important things. She is there every step of the way. I have regained my personal power with her dedication. Dawn leaves me feeling Alive and excited about life every time. There are no limits with Dawn – she is incredible!” Leanne Bryant

Sydney, NSW, ★★★★★

“When I met Dawn, I was just coming off withdrawals from opiate medication that I had been taking for over a year. I made the decision to stop taking opiates because I was becoming dependent, taking higher doses more frequently and it wasn’t helping my chronic pain. I was afraid my life was in danger. The first time Dawn and I spoke was very comforting to me. She understood what I was feeling physically and mentally. She is extremely easy to talk to and I never hesitated telling her very difficult, personal things. After speaking to her I felt relieved and less anxious about going through the recovery process and felt like I had the ability to get my body and mind healthy again. The biggest benefit is that I now have a new, positive perspective on getting my life back on track. Her help and input has been invaluable to me” Tammy O'Toole

New York, US, ★★★★★

“When I first saw Dawn I was feeling really upset, down and unsure. Dawn did some things I was not sure about and was a bit sceptical she did some meridian clearing which helps clear and energize my energy levels and body code in which cleared traumas. Dawn was able to speak about things that were going on that she had no idea about at all but she knew what I was thinking , it was an incredible experience being understood on a level I have never experience before. Afterwards I have felt really well, I have had no broken sleep, my anxiety has diminished, not felt stressed at all, I am feeling much happier and clearer. I left Dawn with a bounce in my step and I continue to happy 2 weeks on! Dawn was great would highly recommend” Shayal Prasad

Sydney, Australia , ★★★★★

“I had no idea what to expect in my session, I’m pretty new to this. But Dawn made me feel comfortable from the moment we started talking. She calmly walked me through some things I didn’t even know were holding me back and affecting my behavior. From this, I had a big epiphany and realized a deep seated behavior was holding me back and not serving me or my loved ones. Awareness is the first step, but Dawn also gave me some practical action steps to use to work on this. Highly recommend working with her… because her treatment works!” Ali Edgar

QLD, Australia , ★★★★★

“My living situation has been really frustrating for me…I’ve always been very independent, so have been resentful of not having a place of my own. My current situation makes having a housemate the most reasonable way to go, but I feel like I’m not taking care of myself, like I’m letting myself down, and like I have no freedom. Every morning for weeks now, I’ve been waking up with back pain and stiffness, and feeling depressed; I’ve found it necessary to “re-set” myself – through journaling, meditation, music, and exercise – to get myself to a place of being OK. I’m exhausted right out of the gate…every day….

Enter Dawn Cady. She is so wonderful, so easy to trust and feel comfortable with, I felt better already ? I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I followed what she was saying, and did what she asked. I guess I got “clear” about how much gratitude I had around my situation (my choice really did afford me freedom, e.g. to pursue my education without worrying about much else – great insight in and of itself – and, therefore, what a wonderful way to take care of myself!) I also felt the excitement of what my future holds…in an exercise that “married” these feelings, I felt giddy – my present and my future were the same, interchangeable, in feeling. This was reinforced by a drawing I did when asked to represent my “take” on what I’d just experienced. I drew a wave, and underneath it another wave (I was also compelled to draw a lightbulb – aha!!) How awesome to feel gratitude, like I’ve been given a gift, and expansive – when thinking either about the present or the future. The best part? Along with not defaulting to depression as soon as I wake up, I no longer have back pain every morning!!

There are not enough words to express my respect and appreciation, thank you so much Dawn!” Jo-Ann Hodgson

California, USA, ★★★★★

“Dawn opens up my heart space and shows me I am worthy, and what is possible. With her sweet, gentle guidance, we tap into my intuition, face my ego, my new found friend. With Dawn by my side, I feel brave and have witnessed how a life without anxiety is truly possible. Thank you Dawn for changing my world.” Jade Paton

Sydney, Australia, ★★★★★

” 6 months ago I was referred to Dawn. My first consultation she welcomed me into her practice with a cup of tea. Dawn showed genuine concern for my inability to sit in a chair for longer than 5 minutes due to the extreme pain I was in. My goal was to be able to sit for a drive in the country or to enjoy a simple 2 hour movie at the movie theater.

I never dreamed I would be almost completely pain free 6 months on. Dawn explained to me the deep underlying causes of my pain and whilst at first I thought it was a little silly I was willing to give anything a go since I had tried absolutely everything else and I was sick of hearing Doctors say “its normal for you”. IT IS NOT NORMAL TO BE IN PAIN. The last 6 months Dawn hasn’t healed me, she has enlightened me to heal myself. I committed to the costs, (much cheaper than pain killers and specialists) and I committed to my journey out of pain.

I am now able to enjoy a movie without pain. I am not completely pain free yet but Dawn has now given me the tools and the confidence to work on the last of it on my own. After all I am responsible for me. Thank you Dawn you have given me so much inspiration on this journey and helped me see inside myself, find my true self after being so long lost in pain. I highly recommend Dawn to help you Alleviate your Pain.” Vanessa Stacey

Penrith, Australia, ★★★★★

“Dawn taught me EFT Tapping …. I had heard of it before, but not the way Dawn does it. She starts you off and then hands the reins over to you personally. You are well and truly on your own journey very quickly …. You become captain of your own ship. I found it amazing what comes to the surface. I admit to losing my course now and again, but with the Tapping and Dawn’s wonderful encouragement, I manage to get back in front of the helm again.

I discovered for myself that in my suffering I had given in to victim consciousness, which means that I was afraid of life (scared stiff in fact) and what was yet to come. That fear because of trauma and hurt was a big hurdle and challenge to overcome. I found that I could now change my perception of myself completely and could see my need to let go of all judgement. I didn’t need to take hurtful comments on personally. Forgiveness is the answer and enables one to move on peacefully. This requires trust of course and an understanding of the fact that IT IS WHAT IT IS!

I am 75 years old, and had 40 wonderful years as a Yoga and Dance teacher. Then out of the blue horrific surgery at 62 years old. I found after twelve years of being too scared to exercise my body and dance again post surgery … I could. Slowly, and with the help of a bit of exercise physiology I found I had plenty of strength to call upon. I am now back into my beloved Yoga practice each morning, followed by a lovely meditation. I had found that in victim consciousness one spirals downwards into blackness in meditation … but when one believes in one’s amazing potential, meditation brings nothing but light and peace.

My spasms still persist, but I am making progress, and know that I can cope much better and have cut the Valium down to only one half a day now. This is an enormous breakthrough. I involve myself in creative activities, especially lots of singing in groups and solo recitals. I have healthy relationships with those that matter, and have found that by letting the expectations drop away, every now and again something spontaneously lovely occurs with my beloved family and friends. It is my resolve that I will never be a frail, needy, old lady continually wanting their support. I am strong and resilient, and can face up to challenges. In a strange but possibly invisible way I think that has made a huge difference to all my relationships.

So if lovely Dawn can guide me like that … just imagine what she can do to help you. I am forever grateful for her love and intuitive mind. She is doing great work.” Lyn Colenso

Victoria, Australia, ★★★★★

“I can’t thank Dawn enough for helping me deal with some of the most difficult times I was having. Her greatest gift was the unconditional gift of helping. Her sincere and heartfelt motivation in sharing her methodology helped me cope with past pains from childhood that caused me anxiety. She helped shed light on things that I never realised before and guided me patiently to learn how to accept and deal with them. She’s been an inspiration and certainly a guardian angel that the Universe sent!” Sabrina Chong

Melbourne, VIC, ★★★★★

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