End the Overwhelm of Business

End the Overwhelm of Business

Manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in your business with the Emotional Freedom Technique. Become a master of your mind and body with the science-proven technique that helped thousands of people to manage stress in several minutes.



Who is this program for: When we are overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed, we create scattered focus.

That in turn then hinders our capacity to grow our businesses.

We must become the master of our mind and body when in business as when we don't we will create from old patterning and beliefs.

Nothing good comes from that! I know only too well. After building multiple businesses to have them fail once I took my foot off the pedal (burnout) it was just too much to get them started again.

Once I realised that I was the one that was creating this reality, it changed everything. I now work smart, not hard!

Program Content:

Part 1: EFT's Basic Recipe

1.1. The Science of How EFT Works

1.2. Main Components of Tapping

1.3. EFT Practice: Remove Your Past Emotional Pain

Part 2. Release Chronic Stress with EFT

2.1. Tapping Works for Everyone

2.2. Release Chronic Stress with EFT

2.3. EFT E-Book "Letting Go Off Stress"