Getting Ahead of Pain


Who's this program for?

It's for you if you're suffering from anxiety and mild chronic pain.

What will you get from this program?

It will help you know why you're suffering from pain, whether it's emotional or physical, and teach you how you can move forward.

Some finer details

This is a 7-week program involving support as well as training to help you overcome the overwhelm and move your body into repair. This really helps set up your mindset for success. During this 7-week online course, you’ll receive:

  • Access to our online course portal with video lessons
  • Supporting notes via PDF to help you apply what you’re learning
  • Access to weekly Comfort Lounge group coaching calls with Dawn for one month
  • Access to our Break the Cycle by Alleviate Pain Facebook Group with live Q&A sessions with Dawn every week, as well as tips and tutorials

That’s 7 weeks to take getting ahead of your pain, for just AUD $499.

I’m amazed at the results I’ve had with this course, it’s reduced my pain by 60%. It’s changed my life. Thank you Dawn.

Lynne Rich

New South Wales