5 Tips How To Hack Your Ego And Move From Negative Behaviour

5 Tips How To Hack Your Ego And Move From Negative Behavior

How ego and negative behavior communicate. Goodness is the way to a positive and cheerful life. Your personality and the environment you are raised in shape your overall outlook towards life, and that’s what reflects on those around you.

Through years of research and huge traumas in my own life, I am now at a place where I am practicing goodness, and I can speak with the ego. Yes, I have conversations with my ego. I work with it to help me, not to hinder me. Through this process, I no longer feel the pangs of jealousy, no longer do I feel hatred, I am still working on the competition part – I still have the sensation in my stomach of feeling threatened, which I hope to one day no longer feel.

Through my practice of goodness and becoming benevolent at heart. I am starting to understand that no matter, how attractive you look or how you carry yourselves, ultimately, it’s your attitude or behavior that truly leaves a mark on people’s hearts.

I had negative behavior for, as long, as I can remember bombarding me constantly with critical thoughts, which deeply affected my health. I never realised that my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and the traumas of my life had in fact nearly killed me on several occasions. I share this with you so to learn from my mistakes; I had to almost die to change myself, I want differently for you.

A brief of how negative thoughts can affect you, disease, pain, stress, anxiety, heart attacks, hormonal imbalance, weakening of your body’s immunity. Ultimately, it could lead to depression, thereby making your life painful in every way.

Let’s now go through some key tips on staying positive in life.

Be satisfied with what you have

We often complain it’s in our nature. Let’s learn to be happy with what we have. We are all blessed with some precious gift that many others do not have. Many may not know what it is, how about making it your hobby to find what it is. We have access to things most people in the world don’t, dependable cars, homes to live in, clean running water in those homes, and the ability to earn an income, electricity at the flick of a switch; this is just to name a few.

Work on your anger

We lose our senses when in anger. We overreact to situations and overcomplicate them. A way to deal with this is to have a glass of water, calm your mind, and say to yourself I am relaxed taking three deep breaths. It might be difficult at first, but it’s not impossible. You will find a way to resolve the problem; you need to be in the right state of mind to solve problems. In doing this process, you will inspire others to look at the way they deal with issues.

Adjust with others

In a society, we are dependent on each other for various needs. We come across people of all types in our travels. And with that, we can become irritated by those who may annoy or aggravate us or as we say in England “just not my cup of tea”. When you can adjust and not become irritated by the person, it will only benefit all. Adapting is not a sign of weakness, in the long run when you are reasonable, and adaptable it will benefit you the most, and the beauty of it, it helps others too this is a WIN-WIN. I found this to be the easiest way to embody this principle.

Volunteer for a social cause

Volunteering for a cause brings inner happiness that cannot be compared with even the biggest treasure of the world. Take some time out, connect with an NGO, help out by sharing your skills and or talent, and taste the fruit of real satisfaction.

Record what you feel

Try sharing your thoughts and or feelings with close ones. You can also record in a diary or journal. Try making an entry daily before going to sleep, noting the experience of your whole day especially the good bits. You can write your goals and the ways to achieve them.

So, friends, these are some ways I’ve learned on my travels. And I know, sometimes, it’s difficult to abide by them as things happen and can break you, however, practicing regularly will reduce those breakdowns immensely.

Do share with me your life experiences in the comments section below and tell me how you have dealt with a negative phase/s of your life. The good bad and the ugly are all welcome!

And yes, if you are suffering from any health disorder/s or body pain, which has made your approach negative towards life, feel free to contact me. I am a Pain Freedom Coach, and my pain management programs have benefited many people to no longer suffer…

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