The no. 1 contributor to all suffering

The No.1 Contributor to All Suffering

We hold onto things!

This is the No.1 contributor to all suffering!  It is the main reason we can’t sleep, it is why we get sick, and it is why we stay stuck in the same old patterns. We do it unknowingly, but that doesn’t stop it from causing our destruction.

Not letting go of past hurts is detrimental to our mental, physical and emotional health.

Where do you start?

Forgive where you can forgive, heal resentments, get rid of the role of the martyr, let go of victimhood, cut the ties that bind you to a destructive story, release the pain so you can move into the lesson it offers, relinquish the need to be right. This is how you find the contributor to all suffering.

There are times in life when you must forgive, or you become hostage to your anger, frustration, disappointments, and resentments. This is not about condoning bad behaviour or minimising a hurt done to you. It’s freeing yourself from the past shackles.

Make a commitment to stop telling old stories, so you no longer have to carry the burdens anymore.

If you don’t forgive, then old hurts fester and then they become distorted, causing you to feel that same pain over and over again. You become trapped in a prison of your own making, tied to the story in which you were a victim. It’s time to cut the invisible cords that keep you attached to the situation and are preventing you from moving forward! The truth is that you are victimising yourself every time you re-create the unresolved hurt in your mind or speak of it with friends. You are re-traumatising yourself!

Rather than allow this cycle to repeat, surrender the situation to your Higher Power. For me, the Higher Power is my Higher Self (that awesome version of me that I’m becoming more of each and every day). Why would I surrender to her? There are times I can’t comprehend why I can not let go of something and my Higher Self knows exactly how to let go of it all.

How do I know if I have a Higher Self?

I see it as my intuition, that’s my Higher Self talking to me.


  1. Do not engage in drama – talking about people behind their back, getting involved where you don’t need to be, rehashing the same old stories of poor me.
  2. Don’t judge yourself or anyone else for getting dreamt up and swept up in the drama.
  3. Shift the emotional attachment to it. We have lots of incredible stuff to help here for FREE.
  4. Hand it over to your Higher Self, so it can let it go of it for you. You can do this anytime you are struggling to let go of something yourself, even after releasing the emotional charge, or it can be part of your process.


✅  Say NO to drama in all forms.
✅  Forgive yourself and others for engaging in it.
✅  Shift the emotional charge around it.
✅  Struggling? Hand it to your higher self.

Letting go is the key to a liberated and meaningful life. No matter which method you choose, just do it!

Dawn Cady - Pain Coach NSW Australia

Author: Dawn Cady
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