Failure is not the end, it’s just the beginning

failure is healing

Failure has been severely misused because you can only fail when you die.

So all these little failures really are just mistakes and learning curves, and when you look at them from the perspective of learning, you will see that you grow by experiencing things that don’t work, things that aren’t in alignment with your values and who you are. They are just signposts that let you know whether you’re on the right path or on a path that may not serve you.

Impact on the mind

When we perpetuate feelings of being a failure we start to reject ourselves, judge ourselves, and then we create exactly that which we fear most in failure: we become incompetent.

Remember, what you focus on is what comes about, that is what you will attract. So when you want to attract the opposite of failure, you have to let go of the feelings and thoughts of failure. When you can look at the things that go wrong and just see them as a lesson, or a way that does not work for you, you will actually have success, because you learned something you did not know before. This is a very important shift in perception and it can change your life.

When you focus on learning things, you will allow yourself to make mistakes, because that is the best and fastest way to learn anything. No mistake is too big to learn from and as long as you can have a go at it again, get up and do it. Each time you will do something different until you find the way it does work. That is how you learn and that is why you can never fail. You keep getting up and give it another go. Just like a toddler that is learning to walk, it will not give up until it succeeds in walking. You did this as well, which means you have it in you to do that again and again until you get it right.

TIP: When you feel failure creeping up, this tip will help you:

Resilience can only be built through the process of getting back up!

Impact on the body

When we feel like we are failures we create chaos in the body and this is how.

When you buy into the thoughts and beliefs of failure. you switch your body to fight or flight mode, which is the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. When your body is functioning from this part of the autonomic nervous system for extensive periods of time, it has to go into crisis management.

What does this mean?

If your body believes that you are under attack, which it is as long as your mind is perpetuating the fear of failure, it reduces the impact on the immune system. After a  rather short period of time, your immune system will have inhibited function, due to the fact that the energy and the focus of the body are to keep you alive. Therefore in order to do that, it has to pull off valuable resources, so it starts to look at functions that can be put on hold for the time being and one of those functions is the rejuvenating, regenerating of the body, in other words healing any damages of the body.

So now we have a compromised immune system, as our body is focusing on producing high levels of Cortisol, which is the main function of the sympathetic NS to ensure you have the necessary energy resources on command. After an extensive period of time, this leads to chronic fatigue of the adrenal glands and that leads to burnout as the adrenals are not designed to be functioning in states of fear for extensive periods of time.

When this goes on for an extensive period of time, the body becomes accustomed to this way of living and adapts. Unfortunately, this is where chronic pain can start, autoimmune disease, mental health issues, adrenal fatigue, liver issues, kidney functionality, the list goes on.

Your body has to dispose of cortisol, which is a huge burden on the body. We are not meant to live in chronic stress. We are meant to be happy and free most of the time but unfortunately, our lives have been shaped by the systems, community, and school of thought that has us wired to believe that pushing, striving, and living in stress is the way. Let’s call BS

Now maybe you’re thinking: “Well, I don’t think of failure often! Failure is not a big part of my life!”, but that’s a conscious perspective. Most people are only consciously aware of between 5 and 15% of their daily thoughts, beliefs, and life experiences. SO this could be completely unknown to you.

My personal experience and one of my client’s experience

I personally had no idea I had an issue with failure at all until I started to slow down and listen to my thoughts and there it was. I was frightened of getting it wrong, not getting it right. This is a flavour of failure.

A client I recently worked with was going through some crucial exams and she reached out as she was hyperventilating about the possible failure of the exams. She was pre-empting her failure, which caused her to have panic attacks, severe headaches, and neck pain. Once we did some exercises and shifted the fear, ALL symptoms resolved and she went ahead and completed her exams, being ok with whatever the results.

It’s just the beginning

When you see where your fear lies, and the untruths you are telling yourself, you set yourself FREE and you then start to heal. So start seeing failure as a fresh start to a new life, a life full of potential, of who you really are and who you are becoming.

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