Rewire your brain to achieve pain free results

rewire your brain

What does rewiring your brain mean?

Can you rewire your brain? When we first experience pain we just want to get out of that pain. We don’t think about anything deeper than the pain we are experiencing. However, after personally experiencing horrendous pain for decades I know there is much more to pain than we are being told. After researching, trials, and testing I discovered that when we experience high-intensity emotions for a longer period of time, we do not only program our body to experience the same thing over and over and so become addicted to the chemicals that are being produced by our body, but we also rewire our brains to only focus on that experience.

When I discovered that I had wired my brain to only see, perceive and feel pain, I realised that I had found the missing piece of why it was so very difficult to get out of health issues.

So, what I mean by rewiring your brain, is not as scary as it sounds.

When our thoughts, beliefs, and actions have aligned to pain, we start to consult the pain on every decision we make. For instance, the level of pain we experience decides whether we can go to the shops, do the housework, or go out to dinner, etc.

When you are experiencing this in your life, you have wired your brain to pain. Now, the long-term solution to breaking this is to rewire the brain to be aligned with a healthier you. This could look like: “I am becoming healthier and stronger and I can do more things than I believe now, I just have to find what they are. And then I can start to open up my world to the possibility of a life without pain.” 

All that is needed are these 3 steps to align yourself and rewire your brain to a healthier you:

  • Awareness – Do I consult my pain? Is pain the predominant thought in my mind? When will it end? Why is my pain so bad? Will I ever get out of pain?
  • Attention – Pay attention to yourself and what you say and begin to notice how much of you is controlled by your pain.
  • Intention – Set the intention that you will begin to see an alternative perspective.

We can help you in this process by showing you how to be fully aware of all the possible programs that you are running. We assist you with highly effective tools that can help you to pay attention effectively and get the wisdom of how to move beyond that program that is of a disservice. The intention process can be challenging to do on your own as it is about balance. When you set the bar of intention too high your mind will not comply. When you set it too low, the momentum will be too slow. It is a fine art to master, but once you do, your life will never be the same again.

Here are some stories of clients who have mastered the skill of brain rewiring

Erika was housebound and completely dependent on her parents, at the age of 25, all due to being totally consumed by pain and suffering. She wasn’t able to see or even imagine a life outside that for herself. All the things that most of us take for granted, like a job, being able to leave the house, study, be in a relationship, start a family seemed impossible for her. After using the NAM, Erika now has completed her BARS exam, has purchased a property, is in a loving relationship, and is clearly seeing that a life without pain is not only possible, but she is actually already living it. 

Andrew was severely impacted by chronic fatigue, where his body would break out in rashes. He couldn’t sleep, all of his life was about working, eating, and sleeping. Anything else was too much. He had no energy, his body was rejecting many foods and he lived a very restricted life. He was told by the Dr’s he would need to be seen by a psychiatric Dr to manage his moods.  After working with the NAM, he is now able to live a balanced life, he can work without getting exhausted, has minimal stress, and takes everything in stride. He feels for the first time at peace with himself. 

Lyn was left butchered by reconstructive surgery where they had ravaged her body, she was left with severe pain for over a decade and they actually told her to just accept it. Lyn took the NAM method and changed her life around. Lyn’s situation could have been horrendous for her and her husband. They were facing having to leave their own home of 50 years, so they could be cared for as her husband’s health was declining with dementia. Lyn is now strong and resilient, caring for her husband and making their last chapter as loving and magical as possible. 

The reason my clients get results like this is because I specialise in helping my clients achieve three things.  Healing, Freedom and Power. 

The Healing is where I teach my clients how to easily heal themselves and their loved ones so they can quickly eliminate mental, physical and emotional pain – even if nothing in the past has worked. 

The Freedom empowers them to eliminate the negative voices in their head and experience a new level of peace, clarity and focus.

The Power is all about being unwavering in their own truth so they can take charge of their life and create the life they want now.

When you are ready to begin this journey of healing, you can start one of 4 ways.

You are the creator of your life, your present, and your future go with what feels right for you.

  1. Understand your pain in just 15 minutes for Free – Book a One-On-One Online Call with Dawn Cady (note: it’s not a sales call) to know exactly what the biggest contributor to your pain is – PLUS, understand the next step to take on your unique healing journey!
  2. Explore the Heal Yourself Community training and free resources that will help you to start a healing journey from any type of chronic pain (emotional or physical).
  3. Work with Dawn Cady privately to get into your potential, limitless love, prosperity, and joy. Just send an email message with text ‘private’ and let’s talk more.
  4. Rewire Your Brain with Alleviate Pain Programs.
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