How to access your body’s healing abilities

access your healing abilities

Access your body’s healing abilities

Through years of being in pain and learning so much about my body, I have accessed healing abilities beyond the comprehension of the mind.

These are healing abilities that most people consider so special that only very few people have them. But you know what’s so great about this? You can do it too. 

When we are able to communicate with our body and understand its language it will tell us what to eat, when to go to sleep, how long we need to sleep, what deficiencies we have, and what allergies. The list is endless. And it will be more accurate and correct than any doctor or machine can be.

I’m going to share a story with you of how mind-blowing this skill can be and the gifts it has given to already many people. I will also share a little technique to help you to get started in developing this incredible gift we have all been given. 

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The incredible gift we have all been given

Ok, back to it, so a lady posted about having migraines for years and she had tried everything. She was in absolute despair. She had seen every practitioner she could think of; a neurologist, pain specialist, Physio, acupuncturist, and chiropractic. She had used Botox for many years but that had now stopped working. 

I felt guided and compelled to say that I might be able to help. 

I reached out and shared with her that I had been running pain clinics for many years and that if she wanted my help I would be there. 

As soon as I sent the message, I received the information about exactly why she was experiencing migraines. 

Here’s what came through: 

The left Shoulder is a physical cause of the migraines. Her hormones are out of whack from the stress of believing that she carries the weight of the world. The emotional component is driven by perfectionism. 

This is how incredibly precise the information that is coming from the body can be. 

So how does it work? 

Our body is like a mobile phone tower. If you tune into the precise frequency you can start to receive the distress signals (the root of what the body is struggling with). 

It is that simple, “Life is simple, it’s just not always easy!” 

The part that’s not easy, is keeping your mind from interfering and silencing your mind enough to receive the right messages. And that’s exactly what we train people to do at Alleviate Pain. 

Tools to train self-healing abilities

The body can not and will not heal deeply unless you master these skills. 

Why? Because unfortunately, we are so stressed, we put so much pressure on ourselves, that we don’t rest deeply enough, we don’t slow down enough to be present, we don’t tune in and listen, we just do do do. 

I know because I drove my own body to such a breaking point 5 times (3 auto-immune diseases, 2 nervous breakdowns) that I was forced to listen, forced to learn a better way. There was no other option, I had to change the way I lived. (For more information on that read my story here)

Here is a video that will help you get started, it will show you how you can begin to communicate with your body. 

If you want any assistance to deepen this bond, to enhance this powerful connection to your body that helped me, personally reverse 3 diseases, and learn how to walk again, we would love to connect with you and show you how you can do this too. Click here to book free 30-min consultation with one of our coaches. 

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