Life is a game

Life is a game. Nervous breakdown

Life is a game. Look at just a few movies depicting it. 

Hunger Games 

Nice Guy 

Truman Show 

The list goes on… 


  1. Hunger Games – fight for your life be in survival waiting to go into battle. 

Think of anxiety. Pressures of life, scared you won’t have enough money, loose your job your home your lifestyle.

  1. Truman show – you are watched by millions and living a predetermined life, on a stage. 

Think of social programming you will be what society expects you to be – married with 2 kids go to University. 

  1. Nice Guy – waking up and realising you can be who you desire to be, observing and seeing that you can be so much more than you have been led to believe.

You can become who your heart desires you to be. Yes it’s a war zone yes it’s scary BUT you are consciously creating your life. 

Life is a game! I realised this after my second nervous breakdown.

So if life’s a game, a painful one albeit and suffering is optional! Who would you want to become to ensure that you live a life you love?! 

Ponder that question! 

Here are my two extremes, find where you are as we are ALL UNIQUE! 

With every painful experience you get back up stronger, you learn from ALL the lessons that present themselves in your life, you navigate life like a ninja, your body is strong and powerful.  You are the captain of your ship, you are loving, caring, compassionate you access your unique gifts and share them with the world. You also have standards and boundaries and hold them no matter what. 

My mission: Leave the world a better place than when I arrived! Be of service and feel my life meant something. 


Living in fear, scared of every move, stiff and full of pain and suffering. Allow others to bully you, put you down, dictate to you how you should feel (even unknowingly), you feel useless, a burden and dare not step out your comfort zone. Minimal self belief, low self esteem, false confidence. Feel life’s a battle that is confusing and makes no sense. 

My mission: Get through the day and hope to god tomorrow’s a better day. 

There is no judgement here, just a reality check. 

I was living the 2nd life for 37 years! My goal is to embody and become the 1st. 

What’s your reality and what reality do you want to create? 

Truth: Life is about living it to the fullest, and yes there is a price to pay for happiness, and its facing your fears, being out of your comfort zone and cultivating a strong mind and body that you are in control of. It’s worth every sacrifice!!!! 

Instead, over 90% of us live in our comfort zone, allow ourselves to be dictated to by others, live in suffering, have no desire or urge to grow. 

BUT there is a shift, a change more people are waking up to the TRUTH and are rejecting what they thought was comfortable. 

P.s Please know that how 90% live is not what life’s about! But it’s normal! Normal does not make it the smartest, most rewarding life.

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