Break The Cycle of Suffering: Body, Mind, Emotions, and Brain

break the cycle of suffering

If you want to be free from pain, first you must know how to break the cycle of suffering. I personally suffered from the age of one from varying health issues. By the age of 35, I had been diagnosed with 3 diseases, each of which in their own way had nearly killed me.

Suffering is in the mind. What that means is that some thoughts, beliefs, and outlooks are possibly causing you stress.

Now it’s important to know that the mind that got you into your health issues is not the one that will get you out. You might be thinking, “Well how can a one-year-old have their own mind?” And you’d be right to ask that question. So here it is….

When researching into my own health journey I came across some vital information that would answer why I had been such a sickly baby, kid, teen, and adult.

How did my cycle of suffering started?

You see 5 months into your grandmother’s pregnancy with your mum, your mum has developed her reproductive system. So technically you have been around a lot longer than you first thought.

I had personally gone through an awful lot already before I was conceived, and so had you. Now I’m not saying my life, or my mum’s life, was any worse than anyone else’s; however, I would like to share my journey to help you understand why a one-year-old could have health issues.

My mum had a very challenging upbringing. Among other things, she was severely abused by her parents, she was from a strict Irish Catholic family living in England (so racism had been a huge factor for her parents), she was the eldest and so had many responsibilities, and, to top it off, she married an atheist.

Without going into too much detail, my mum basically lived in terror daily. When that is your life for 19 years it becomes embedded, so what my mum lived through, I lived through. Now you may be thinking, “Well no you didn’t, you were just an egg.” Eggs hold memory – just like everything in your body does, including your organs, cells, muscles, etc. So when I was one, I not only had the experience of a one-year-old, I also had experienced everything that went on for my grandma during the last trimester of her pregnancy, plus my mum’s life up to pregnancy, plus the time I was conceived to birth.

Let’s take a dive into my mum’s pregnancy. It wasn’t great. She didn’t want kids, in fact, she was terrified of being a mum. Because she was too afraid of letting down the man she loved, the one who had rescued her from abuse, she didn’t confide in him. The thought of losing my dad pushed my mum into going against her own apprehension about motherhood and she became pregnant with me.

I do not mean to freak you out or horrify or shock you, but I’m going to share something very deep. It may be a bit much, so please STOP reading if you are a sensitive soul. My wish in revealing this is to paint a true picture as to why the generations seem like they are becoming weaker….

My mum hated me, and from about 4 months into her pregnancy she would punch her stomach repeatedly wishing me dead. Now I know this may be graphic, but please bear with me – I’m not looking for sympathy, I just want to show you how much my body had already endured before I was born.

Why did I share with you my childhood story?

The reason I have shared all of this with you is that knowledge leads the way to understand. If you suffer from pain/disease/illness there is usually a whole story behind it, with a lot of it happening before you were even conceived.

You now have a little insight into my first years. You can see I was sick because my mum’s nervous system was on high alert AND my grandma’s was, too (she suffered severe anxiety). It would then be my default as well.

When you’re constantly functioning from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), it causes the immune system to be suppressed. This has ramifications – your body never has the time to fully recover or repair (so like me, maybe you had a very rough start).

To take this one step further, I’ve written a really clear path as to what you can do to move forward from your pain journey. If this is something that would be of interest please download here.

So that’s why I’m sharing with you this important file with step-by-step instructions and valuable information on how to Break the Cycle of Pain.

Dawn Cady - Pain Coach NSW Australia

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