Psychological Effects Of Chronic Pain And Impact On Mental Health

Psychological Effects Of Chronic Pain And Impact On Mental Health

Over the course of my career, I have had the pleasure of meeting a number of beautiful souls who had given up all hope. As a person who has battled against chronic illness and endured pain for the greater part of my life, I completely understand how it feels like to hit rock bottom of the psychological effects of chronic pain, and can sympathize with those who are currently going through the same ordeal.

Identifying the symptoms that come with losing hope for a better life is highly crucial. Realizing just how much pain has been deeply ingrained into your everyday life might surprise you a lot. However, there is still hope. The fact that you are reading this article shows that you care about yourself and are willing to take necessary actions to regain control of your life. In this article, I’m going to share some classic symptoms of hitting rock-bottom of pain suffering, which I myself went through, so that you can identify your condition and get started. So, if you can relate to the following, you are in the same boat as I once was:

1.     You don’t leave the house often

This is a classic symptom of depression and hopelessness. Chronic pain and chronic illness can significantly affect a person’s motivation to leave the house and mingle with society. Being on a long medical leave or working remotely because of health issues could also be the reasons behind being enclosed in your home’s comfort. And the sad thing is, at times, a sufferer has no other choice but to remain indoors because they are in so much pain and discomfort. And later on, it becomes a habit. Out of all the symptoms, this is easily the most dangerous one as it can seriously affect your personal growth and mental health.

2.     You don’t feel like dressing up

If you don’t feel like leaving the house, there’s a very good chance that you also do not feel like dressing up, as there is no need. Not caring about how you look like or how other people perceive you is yet another common symptom of hitting rock-bottom. Once chronic pain completely takes over your mind and body, the fact that you stop caring about your clothing shouldn’t come as a surprise. So, if you’ve stopped shopping for new clothes and walk around your house in PJs, then it could very well mean that you have given up or at least started to give up.

3.     You eat crappy food

Have you been chowing down crisps and hamburgers, and gulping down soda for lunch lately? Is your trash can filled with empty wine bottles? Surviving on junk food and alcohol, and forgetting how a salad looks like can seriously mess up your metabolism. I used to be a meat-eater myself once, but as soon as I learned the benefits of cutting it out from my diet, I never looked at it again! Not caring about what you put in your mouth and feeling too lazy to prepare for yourself a healthy meal could also be an indication that chronic pain has completely taken over your life.

4.     Self-hygiene isn’t your top priority

Finally, the most common symptom of hopelessness, depression and hitting rock-bottom is poor self-hygiene. If you don’t shower or bathe like you used to, or haven’t touched your toothbrush for the past couple of days, then your condition has become severe and you need to get up and take action before things get out of hands completely.

A ray of light…

As I mentioned above, there is still hope! I’m here to help you alleviate your chronic pain in any way possible. I will not only help you identify the very source of pain, but will also coach you on how to leave pain behind and regain control of your life! So, book a complimentary session with me today to find out if I’m worth your time and begin your journey of healing.

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