The No.1 Mistake To Avoid When Getting Out Of Pain

The No.1 Mistake To Avoid When Getting Out Of Pain

Expecting to get out of pain with the mind that got them where they are at.

The version of you that got you in pain is not the one that will get you out of it.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of your growth, let go and trust yourself. “The you” many refer to is the soul/inner quiet part of you that we mostly ignore. The release needed is the resistance to change. Change is inevitable, you must change.

Maybe right now you are triggered, resisting, or maybe you are comfortable, agree. Knowing that there is no right and wrong is important.

I will share with you what each means to help you navigate forward.


That means your victim is getting annoyed, it is triggered. This is good as from this place you can heal. You cannot heal yourself fully of chronic pain when you are coming from victim-hood. You have to retire the victim and release it so it can transform into a warrior.

Read on if this resonates. If you are angry! Good, I’ve done what I intended to do: plant a truth seed. Read on and water it.

Comfortable and agree

This means that you are ready to move forward, you have a growth mindset and what a great achievement, WELL DONE! It took me decades to shift to this mindset. This is a huge accomplishment.

How do you move forward? You must retire the victim from the jobs you unknowingly allocated to them. This is a journey and is not for people who are waiting to be fixed. No one is going to fix you because it’s not their responsibility, it’s yours.  The day you decided to be an adult was the day you took over the reins from your parents.

We have to do this for our own sanity. You must do this yourself, the blame game has to stop. The only person this is damaging is you. Trust me, it ate me up and nearly killed me, my resentment of my mum’s abuse actually ate away at my bowel. I kid you not! If you cannot let go of the resentment and the blaming of others, it will cause chronic pain in some form in your body.

Words of wisdom

The path of healing is a path I have walked down more times than I dare share, I found the way to completely heal my life in ALL areas. It is a journey about up-levelling and each time you reach the next stage you naturally want to grow more. It does not always have to be hard work because it is why we are here.  We are here to learn, grow and thrive but unfortunately, many of us live in stagnation, many of us are dying and suffering. That is why we end up sick and often in chronic pain.

Life is simple, it’s just not easy. That is my motto, and every day I see how true it is. Life is painful, growth is painful but on the other side, there is a feeling, that I can only describe as true bliss and happiness. But it takes work, there is no short-cut, no cookie-cutter approach. We are all different and unique, however, there is a strategy that applies to all of us and that is what I am going to show you now.

Biggest Pitfalls

Stop looking to gurus to fix you, they won’t, moreover, they can’t. They will promise the world, but they are mostly empty promises that leave you thinking you are a failure because they tell you that you are the only one who doesn’t get it. The truth is that only 1% will get the results they promise, so are the other 99% wrong? Are the gurus lying and failing you? No and Yes/No.

Let me explain,

Are they lying? No, not intentionally. They are showing you what worked for them but they generally don’t dissect the gaps and see the shortfalls and the missing pieces they naturally bridged. How do I know? Because I fell for pretty much every single one of them and got bloody badly hurt. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. I spent countless sleepless nights, curled up in a ball, crying. You name it, I’ve felt it. 

Don’t sympathise, I don’t want that. It helps no one. I’m only sharing this so you know that it’s possible for each and every human to get out of suffering and chronic pain. But it takes perseverance and that’s why you can’t always do it alone.

They usually don’t share that part with you, as the truth hurts and generally doesn’t sell very well. Plus, if you know what you’re in for, you probably won’t start. Why am I sharing then? Because if you’re not willing to do what it takes to have a great life, then even I can’t help you.

Truth beam: Actually, no one can. What I can do is provide you with enough info so you can have a change of heart and when you do, I hope you come to me to get help.  

Are they failing you? This is tricky. It is not intentional. In many cases, I believe that most of them are doing their best to help with what they know.

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