No one wants to experience pain – be it acute or chronic – it causes damage and distressful feelings. These damages often rock the host to the core, leaving them almost helpless.

The conundrum about what causes pain even adds to this damage. Take back pain as an example; it is the most prevalent form of pain in the world, but with no specific cause.

Most would associate it with age; why is it that 40-year olds are a constant feature? Why not the sexagenarians and above? Others associated it with backbone abnormalities, but how much truth is in that theory?

The truth remains that there is still much to learn about the human body; we must keep searching, keep learning and hopefully the answers to these complexes will help to pave the way to even greater back pain relief programs, and happier people.

How then do we handle pain?
With the knowledge we have amassed over the years, we have several pain management strategies. Some of the best pain management techniques are:

• Pain medications
• Local anaesthesia
• Trigger point injections
• Spinal cord stimulation
• Surgery
… and so much more.

There are also all natural pain relief treatments one could undergo to reduce pain naturally. Some of the best natural remedies for managing pain without medication include;

• Pain-relieving plants such as turmeric, ginger, and lavender (the oil)
• Yoga
• Acupuncture
• Regular exercise
• Massage

For sustainable pain management, natural remedies are much more beneficial. Taking pills, on the other hand, can be damaging, and they often come with side effects (such as heart attacks, stomach ulcers, kidney failure, and stroke).
All-natural pain relief techniques are better for the body; they would improve one’s mental health and overall well-being. In cases of chronic pain, natural pain relievers accompanied by pain control techniques such as The Neural Alignment Method™ to help tackle the underlying causes of chronic pain.

To watch one of our techniques from The Neural Alignment Method™ on how to reduce pain naturally, click here