EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective treatment for depression

EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective treatment for depression

Research proves that Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective technique for depression. I use EFT as one of my methods to help alleviate depression in my Pain Transformation coaching program.

Most of us know about the emotional symptoms of depression but for some people in Sydney and the Blue Mountains. I have seen that prolonged pain wears them down over time and affects their mood.

This is due to the fact that increased pain leads to increased depression and results in creating a chain reaction of depression which is very difficult to break.

The objective of this coaching is to decrease the impacts of pain or illness on each and every part of life, using targeted self-managed and professional practices leading to improvements in your ability, productivity, and your mindset across multiple measurable criteria.

One of my patients has shared her experience after completing just one level of EFT training, “I truly believe it will help me through the emotions and stress I will experience in my life. And working with Dawn has truly transformed many traumatic experiences. I am able to look forward and never back. By tapping through the emotions. I have been able to face fears”.

Whether it’s science, psychological, magic, or something else, something truly does happen through the experience of EFT and I highly recommend it to all my clients presenting any emotional trauma, which may be keeping them stuck. Allowing them to move forward with much more freedom and forgiveness.

So if you are you want to learn a powerful tool and strip away some of the pain then contact me and I will teach you alternatively. If you are searching EFT tapping courses in Sydney email me at [email protected]

If you would like a face-to-face consultation these are available in either my Sydney or Blue Mountains practice.

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