Why to learn energy healing therapy – Tapping/EFT

Energy healing therapy tapping

Suffering from stress? Burnt out? Feel disconnected? Need to find balance in your life? Want to find gentle ways to stay flexible, balanced and calm? This all can be fixed with energy healing therapy tapping.

If yes and you want to live without fear of your chronic pain that might be caused by prolonged disease, disorder, accident or suffering from acute pain resulting from surgery or accidents.

You owe it to yourself to not be in pain and I can HELP YOU I will create a personally crafted program just for you. We will work together to not only manage the pain but we will aim to eliminate it.
I know it’s possible because I eliminated my own pain and many of my clients.

One of the tools we will use is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

EFT combines principles of Western and Eastern healing methods, using energy points in the body to release emotional distress. It means you can use EFT energy tapping on addition to medications.
I did, I used it to get myself off of 13 painkillers a day.

I will teach you step-by-step the process of eliminating the negative emotions that maybe standing in your way to having freedom from pain. We will build your very own personal tapping sequences and we will work together to find your own personal path to freedom from pain.

I will show you how you can harness its healing power and overcome overwhelming emotions, depression, phobias, anxieties, addictions, and other common psychological problems. Once you’ve removed the emotions impacting you, you will transform and start to enjoy and live a more fulfilled and happy life.

It makes sense to use this amazing tool because it is 100% natural, it’s a risk-free process of pain relief and management.

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Dawn Cady - Pain Coach NSW Australia

Author: Dawn Cady
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