Pain is your body communicating to you | Dealing With Pain, Pt. 1

Pain is your body communicating to you | Dealing With Pain

When you are feeling Pain, I want you to know that it is your body that is communicating to you that there is something amiss that needs your attention.

I really want you to understand the implications of this statement, so I’m going to take you on a journey to help you embody this truth.

We have been led to believe that all pain is acute and that all pain means that there is damage to physical tissue. 

This is not true, this is a wrong way of looking at it. 

Rewire your brain to deal with pain

What you, first of all, must realise is that your body is not a machine, but a highly sophisticated, intelligent organism. And that it is so complex and intelligent, it requires very little input from us. 

Because of the way it’s designed, we have to just trust it and to let it do its job. We can just let it get on with it. 

When you realise that, the relationship with your body will change dramatically, to the way it is meant to be. 

We are meant to nurture our body, to love and respect it, and to communicate with it, and above all to listen to it. But we have never been taught this at all.

I’m going to show you how your relationship with your body is exactly the same as your relationship with everyone and everything. 

How Your Body Reacts and Deals With Pain (An Example)

Imagine you are a small child and you fall, you run to your mummy and she puts her hand over your mouth and says ssshhh. You scream and she continues to hold her hand on your mouth and keeps saying sshh.

How would you feel? 

Bloody hurt of course. I imagine there would be distrust, a lot of fear, feelings of being unsafe, scared, shut down and ignored. 

Now I want you to substitute your mum’s hand over your mouth for painkillers. And imagine that the little child is your body and your mum is you. 

Then just think about this, just sit with this, don’t fight it, and then you will know in your heart that what I’m saying is true. 

How do I know?

I had that relationship with my mum 

and I became my mum 

when I was treating myself the exact same way.

That didn’t turn out well, let me tell you.

How does that solve the real problem of the hurt child?

Did the mum listen? No

Did she work out what had happened? No 

Did she really help the child? No

Did she really help the child deal with pain? No

Or did she silence the child because she had no idea what else to do? YES

But you see, it’s not the mum’s fault either. She did her best with what she knew, what she had been taught when she was little. But it doesn’t help her child deal with the pain. 

So, unintentionally our bodies have been given the message to “shut up, to put up, and to get on. I really don’t care. (Nobody really cares)”. This is how we are trained to deal with pain, and it doesn’t always help make the pain go away. 

And you have no idea that that is what you actually are saying to your body. Chronic pain is a representation of the compounding distress calls from the body trying to deal with its pain. Calls that you have been silencing by putting your hand over the child’s mouth, or in reality with painkillers, operations, supplements, etc. 

Now, fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

A journey to educate yourself on dealing with pain

All you need to do to start on your journey is to educate yourself. An easy and good way would be to join our FB community where I give you all the education you need to get started for FREE

I do this because of a big lesson I learned in life, “be careful who you listen to”

There are many types of people out there who will offer their 2 cents worth on how you should deal with your pain. Most of them have good intentions, but there are also many that intend to lead you astray. 

There are some people I would call the ‘Know-it-alls’, who don’t practice what they preach. And also those who are driven by their ego by telling you: “I know what’s best for you”. 

And then there are the well-intended, who share snippets of the truth, but don’t know the full depth of what they are sharing. 

I offer you the stand, you are the spokesperson of your life. All you need to do is take the reigns of your life into your own hands by not being afraid to listen to everything that sits right with you. 


Dawn Cady - Pain Coach NSW Australia

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