Pain is your body communicating to you | Dealing With Pain, Pt 2

How our mind guides our body to deal with pain.

Here I am presenting you another way/analogy of how you can see the relationship you have with your body, to help you deal with pain. 

Imagine the following situation:

You work for a mean boss. 

Your job is to move great big heavy boxes

But you are struggling to move these great big heavy boxes, you’ve tried everything and they won’t budge. 

You are thinking: ‘all I want to do is my best work.’

So you approach the boss, simply to ask for some boxes that are in the way to be moved. 

You work tirelessly for this boss, who is not only ungrateful but also continuously puts you down, is rude, ignores you, and severely undermines your ability. 

You see! 

The boxes are the pain, the mean boss is you and the worker is your body. And this is an unproductive way of dealing with pain. 

How our mind guides our body to deal with pain. 

We are ungrateful towards our body, we cut it open, take drugs, eat and drink things that are bad for it, and we don’t trust it. We all are guilty of it, we all abuse our bodies in some kind of way. And as soon as they need a little help from us, we come down on them as if they are the enemy. 

We all do this in one form or another and the worst of it all is that we aren’t aware of it, we do not realise what we are doing, because we know no different, and this is how we deal with pain. 

Industries making money by how we deal with our pain

There are many very big industries set up based on your suffering. 

Think about it. 

The pharmaceutical and medical industry, the marijuana businesses, the personal development industry, health, and wellness businesses. Many of those big corporations earn a lot of money from your pain and suffering. 

A Smarter Way to Deal With Pain 

So what to do? 

Learn the lesson, choose a different way, learn to communicate and understand your mind, your body, yourself, and how to be there for all of it. 

These are your best friends, your best workers, they are your family – because without them you can’t exist here on earth. 

Ask yourself: ‘What am I going to do today to appreciate my body?’ 

A fact is that if more than 1% of your body is not working you would be dead. 

Celebrate the healthy 99%, and don’t focus negatively on the less than 1%, but nurture and love those parts as good as you can, just like you would take care of a sick child.


Dawn Cady - Pain Coach NSW Australia

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