Heal Deep-Seated Fears To End Pain and Suffering

Heal Deep-Seated Fears To End Pain and Suffering

My journey of suffering has helped me to really understand that the only way to truly heal from pain and end suffering is to remove deep-seated fears. Thats is what our mind and body believe when it’s in danger by locating the program and then removing it. This way we can create a new program that creates ease.

We Suffer From Deep-Seated Fears.

The issue is that most of us suffer from is deep-seated fears. We create the fear of failing when we are young, exploring how to live in the world. And our parents, teachers, and relatives warn us this is where it’s all created. You need to pull out this program and replace it with a program that allows you to make mistakes and use those mistakes as lessons instead of failures. This is not only soothing mentally but physically, as your nervous system is now programmed not to produce stress hormones at the thought of moving towards a goal.

All fears have a long-term impact on your body as they are not based on a one-off fear. We generally create neural communities within our brains of any experience similar to the one we experience as a young kid. These communities need to be broken down otherwise you will never overcome the fear. This is because your brain has been hardwired to respond when you feel fear.

All pain management modalities have their place in your healing journey.

  • Acupuncture allows you to relieve trapped emotions and remove blockages.
  • EFT Tapping allows you to also release emotional blockages and vent the thoughts that loop within you.
  • Massage helps you realise emotions, feel relaxed and it feels pretty good too!
  • A physiotherapist helps you biomechanically to improve physical function.
  • A chiropractor helps to relieve symptoms of the nervous system.

They are all brilliant. They all asset the body to heal when there is something in the way of your body being able to fully heal.  However, there is one problem with most methods. They don’t work on what 99% of the population has issues with.

Role of The Nervous System in Pain.

Our nervous system is responsible for how your body functions – so if it gets the signal of danger, it switches to a function to keep you alive. Part of your body is “keeping you alive” function is not digesting food properly resulting in you losing vital nutrients. Building immune cells to heal and repair your body is also not vital when in survival. Therefore, the body is never really healed to its fullest extent when dealing with fear. Unfortunately, most of the world’s population are functioning in survival mode.

As you can see, if we don’t work on the neural communities in our brains, those fear patterns will play out in our lives until the day we die. Therefore, any treatment that does work on this is purely symptom control. That is to say, they relieve your symptoms. They help you feel better for a while and they help your body to heal at optimum safe for a while. And then the fear program kicks right back in.

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