Why Do I Keep Getting Sick? 

Why Do I Keep Getting Sick? 

Want to know why you keep getting sick? We have normalised suffering.  It’s that simple. It’s everything but normal, we are supposed to enjoy life but we have programmed our brains for suffering and in the process become addicted to it.

How Our Brain and Body Contribute To Normalised Suffering

Our brain loves to be efficient, so it looks for patterns of behaviours, thoughts, and views, and creates them as automatic responses. Our body loves organisation and flow, so it, too, creates patterns in order to be more effective.

Now when you are healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally, this is a powerful way to live. But if you are stuck in any or all of these areas, then those patterns are causing you to have issues. They must be changed if you want to create a life worth living.

Addressing the Root Cause to Help End Normalised Suffering 

You can take painkillers, supplements, CBD oil, etc., and even be dedicated to eating well, but if you are not improving then it’s because you are looking at symptom-solving. It’s the Root Cause you must address, otherwise you will be busy putting out fires for the rest of your life, and keep getting sick again and again.

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